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Graphic design intern

Ponnuru Akhil


Akhil Ponnuru is a graphic design intern at AUDAcademy, and is also simultaneously on the journey to earn a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the BMS College of Architecture in Bangalore, India. His professional odyssey has been a captivating one, marked by a substantial stint as a graphic designer at NASA India. It's there that he has had the privilege to collaborate with fellow creatives, immersing himself in a rich tapestry of learning experiences.

His passions extend far and wide, embracing the realms of design, photography, videography, and content creation. His freelance adventures have been a playground of brand identity and content development collaborations, igniting my creative spirit. He is driven by a deep desire to explore the world through the lens of design, one pixel at a time.

B.Arch I BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore

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