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Graphic design intern

Anwesha Saha


Anwesha Saha is a graphic design intern of the AUDAcademy.

She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Architecture degree from RV College of Architecture, Bangalore, India. She has previously worked as an intern for Playgroup Studio, Goa.

Anwesha has been an active participant of Urban Health digiSpace in collaboration with M.Arch students of RV College of Architecture, conducting research and surveys regarding the urban health and quality of urban spaces in Bangalore. She has also hosted multiple chapters of ‘Crossroads of Conversation’ which are open talks held in Bangalore, regarding the boundaries and cross-connections of other artforms with architecture.


Apart from architecture she is always seeking opportunities in collaborating and finding a converging point across different aspects of art and architecture .

B.Arch I RV College of Architecture, Bangalore

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